VOTE NOW for the T-Shirt contest!?

We are now holding a ‘SAYING CONTEST’ for our fund raising t-shirts!


Simply click on the link and vote for the saying you’d most like to see on a shirt!

Most of these are pretty amazing!!!

Invite friends to vote for your saying, or the saying you like the best!!!



It's as easy as that!


         The deadline for votes is WEDNESDAY, Mar. 5 for the second phase of the contest. A PUBLIC vote on the sayings, from which we will choose the highest 5 rated sayings. The last phase is the finally!!! A last vote on the 5 finalists will reveal a winner! The winner will be announced, on the following day!!! Should our t-shirts make the minimum quota ordered, the winner will receive a FREE T-shirt with their saying printed on it!!!

Good Luck!


Click HERE for your submission!

Contact us: Town of Taylor / T 760.917.5592 / / Like us on Facebook

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