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When will this open

Q: When will this open?

A: We are building, from the ground up, timber framed buildings that will look and feel 16th century European.  

Because these are permanent resident/commercial structures and not facades, construction times may be longer or shorter than expected.

Q: What is the Town of Taylor ‘Immersion Agreement’? 


A:  The ‘Immersion Agreement’ is the agreement all individuals on the Town of Taylor reenactment site are required to sign. 

It states that they agree to not break the 16th century immersion while in public areas. 


Modern clothing, modern devices, audio systems loud enough to disrupt guest immersion in town, etc. will not be allowed in public areas. Children are to be held accountable by their accompanied guardian to abide by the same rules. This agreement applies to the 16th century Town of Taylor side of the property’s public areas.  Modern items are welcome in private areas, off site, and on the Co-op side. This means that anything in private apartments can be as modern as the resident likes; wi-fi, computers, widescreen tv’s, etc.

Q: What is the difference between the ‘Town of Taylor Inc.’ and the ‘Town of Taylor Co-Op’? 


A: ‘Town of Taylor Inc.’ and the ‘Town of Taylor Co-Op’ are two entirely separate businesses, but work symbiotically for the benefit of the Town of Taylor's residence and visitors. 


The property is privately owned, and the Town of Taylor Inc. is a not-for-profit that provides 16th century renaissance historical education to the public.  It will be renting part of the land from the land owners, and will own the main buildings.  The Town of Taylor Inc. will sublease the downstairs units to businesses, and sublease the apartments upstairs to the Town of Taylor Co-Op.


The Town of Taylor Co-Op is a for profit farming cooperative, consisting of members living the Town of Taylor apartments, and of members living off site. The Co-Op will be located on the modern side of the property, and will grow tons of food, raise livestock, and maintain the orchards.

Q: Who can apply for residency in the apartments in the Town of Taylor? And, what are the requirements to get an apartment? 


A: Only members of the Town of Taylor  Farming Co-Op can apply for residency in the apartments in the upstairs buildings in town. Once a person is a Co-Op member, the requirements are pretty simple: 


1) Every adult must be a member of the Co-Op. (We consider an adult anyone who is of age to work at the Co-Op)


2) Since the apartments will be either 2 or 3 bedrooms, the financial requirements are cumulative ones. Currently we are estimating the apartments at $0.50/ sq. ft. (averaging $500/month). This would average just under 1,200 ft^2 and would include electricity, waste, and water utilities. (There will be a limit to the number of people per unit, of course)


3) This cumulative ‘household’ income must come from an external source that is NOT at all connected to either the Town of Taylor Co-Op, the Town of Taylor Inc., or on site sales. This can be artisan consignments, internet sales, retirement/disability, a job in any of the nearby towns, etc.


4) Knowing that personalities sometimes differ and conflict, we ask that any potential residents be willing to come together and even in the height of disagreement, still be able to work together as a community. Arbitration will be offered, of course. 


5) Lastly but definitely not least, every person adult is required to sign an ‘Immersion Agreement’

Q: How many visitors will the town need daily to stay afloat? 

A: None, actually! Taylor’s philosophy is to create a self-sustaining community, meaning that the Town of Taylor will not rely on visitors to stay afloat.  Residents and business owners are required to make the minimum income from outside sources.

Q: Will Taylor be family friendly, LGBTQIA friendly, and Handicapped accessible? 


A: Our emphasis on this town is to create a community without prejudice or discrimination. We are definitely family friendly! No matter what gender one decides to garb as, as long as it is 16th century and consistent... all are welcome!


Many of the Town of Taylor members and prospective applicants either have children or are planning on starting a family.  We want everyone to feel welcome in our community including LGBTQIA, POC, and people from many backgrounds.

Q: Since everyone in the town will be wearing the appropriate garb, how would I as a guest know who to talk to for information? 


A: You will find Town of Taylor members with a special pin all over site: At the front entrance, the security office, the Belladonna Inn, and in the merchant shops. 

Q: Do you plan on staying open during times of the year when faire isnʼt running? 


A: Yes, we will!  With the exception of monthly closures for maintenance, we will function like any other town, meaning that we will be open almost 24/7… just in 16th century garb and environment. 


We will also be having various events other than our faires, such as D&D weeks, Writer’s Retreats, Feasts, Belegarth/Amtgard/SCA events, LARPing events, and more throughout the year.

Q: Can I have a workshop/storefront in the Town of Taylor if I’m not a resident? What if I wanted to open a business. What hoops do I have to jump through? 


A: Yes, you can! The business will have to meet certain requirements before being granted a workshop/storefront though.

1)  The Town of Taylor Inc. is looking for skilled artisans that are 16th century historical experts within their trade.  For example, the baker would be expected to bake different varieties of manchet/maslin breads, dredge cakes, etc. and teach visitors the differences and historical significance. Although applicants are not required to be members of the Town of Taylor co-op, members will have priority consideration for a shop. 


2) The business applicants’ rent expenses must not exceed 1/2 of the businesses income.  Just like the residential requirement, these funds must come from an external source, not from the storefront in the Town of Taylor.  This can be artisan consignments, internet sales, or personal retirement/disability, a job in any of the nearby towns, etc. 


3) If a resident also wants to have a workshop/storefront, total apartment/business rent expenses must not exceed 1/2 of the applicants’ total income.


4) Lastly, similar to the residential requirements, every person is required to sign an ‘Immersion Agreement’ and must be committed to being a part of the community.

Q: Will the Town of Taylor be hiring actors? 


A: No. Although the Town of Taylor will be hiring for a small number of jobs, we will not be hiring actors. No one in the town is required to act, to speak in an accent, or to use Middle English when talking. 


The town will be a living town, where people reside 24/7 upstairs in apartments, where individually owned businesses are downstairs (Some owned by residents, and some not). We will be requiring the downstairs artisans to display their trade in action as often as possible, and teach when someone asks… but not to act.

Q: Can I be a member of the ToT Co-Op if I don’t have my own business, or if I’m not an artisan? 


A: Yes, you certainly can! You don’t even have to live on site to be a member, just apply if you live in the area.  Members will be required to pay a small membership fee, and work a minimum number of weekly Co-Op hours.

Q: What skills would I need to be a member of the Town of Taylor Co-Op? 


A: The Town of Taylor Co-Op asks for a positive attitude, the willingness to learn, and a drive for the community to succeed. Any other skills you may already bring to the Co-Op, are always desired!

Q: How much work per week will be required as a member of the Co-Op? Is there a membership fee? What do I get for that? 


A: We are estimating that the Town of Taylor Co-op will require a $50 monthly membership fee and approximately 5-7 hours of work/week/person.  Each co-op member will receive a large weekly food share which includes fresh produce, meat, and dairy produced from the farm!

Q: Is the Town of Taylor going to be some type of commune? 


A: No. The Town of Taylor Inc. is a non-profit education company, that hosts educational entertainment events.   

Town of Taylor Co-op is an agricultural supply cooperative, that offers apartments at a very inexpensive rate to members.

Q: Will the Town of Taylor allow strollers? 


A: Unfortunately, strollers violate the ‘Immersion Agreement.’ However there are options such as some baby slings that are 16th century appropriate.  Here is a link discussing the history of baby carrying.

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