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Your Town of Taylor Experience

The following pages are a fictional narrative.

They are colorful walkthroughs of what we plan for visitors of the

FUTURE Town of Taylor to experience.


We plan these excerpts to allow you, the visitor,

to have an image of our goal.

Chapter 01

Your First Days in Town

 A timber framed gatehouse looms before you, like a sentinel standing as a portal into the past, as you enter into the Town of Taylor reception room. Scents of freshly barked sap and  clean soil mingle with the aroma of cooking pastries and roasting meats. You’ve heard stories about this place...

Chapter 03

A Relaxing Day of Adventure

Coming soon...

Chapter 02

An Experience to Remember

     Along the fields of wheat, the pigs squeal, the cow pulls the plow, and the farmer toils to haul flour into town. True, he smells, but he is a hard worker. The farmer is the backbone of the countryside, and it is the visiting farmer that offers fruits and vegetables to the people. A poor farmer's wife walks beside him, and she carries her linen purse of coin and comb...

Chapter 04

Last Days at the Faire

Coming soon...

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