An Experience to Remember


The People You May Meet


Visiting Farmer

     Along the fields of wheat, the pigs squeal, the cow pulls the plow, and the farmer toils to haul flour into town. True, he smells, but he is a hard worker. The farmer is the backbone of the countryside, and it is the visiting farmer that offers fruits and vegetables to the people. A poor farmer's wife walks beside him, and she carries her linen purse of coin and comb...



The Patron

     Upon check-in at the Belladonna Inn, you follow the tavern’s errand boy up the stairs, as he shows you to your room. And, a beautiful room it is! Not only are you surprised by the flawless, fully immersive town, where every person within (including yourself) is clothed in historically appropriate garments, but you are now astounded to see that your room has gifts awaiting you on the plush stuffed mattress rope bed. You are the Patron of honor for the evening, the smells and colors are yours, and the lutist downstairs awaits...



The Gambler

     The smokey main room of the Belladonna Inn is heavy this late at night, with the aroma of ale and cider and meade. Hushed whispers are silenced when 'The Gambler' walks into the room. She stands at the doorway, taking measure of within. Pulling out her skull dice, she makes her way to the gambling tables, pausing only to hand her horn tankard to the tavern wench for a drink. One coin in her purse is all she needs… it is all she ever needs...



The Pickpocket

     A young man, no more than 14 summers in tattered peasants clothing rushes past you, in a near miss collision while entering the 'Stitch & Witch' clothier. Chani and Molly step toward you to welcome you into the warmth of the store from the chill afternoon autumn air. Just as they speak, a gentleman yells from outside a curse in protest. You only catch the tail end of the commotion, but the words “…DARN PICKPOCKET STOLE MY COIN PURSE!” is clear. That young peasant boy that rushed past you only moments before! You quickly stop to check for your coins, only to find…



The Ring Bearer

     The party makes it to the town in the middle of a rainy night. Knocking on the door of the Belladonna Inn wakes the innkeeper, as the fire slowly fizzles in hearth. Four men together, three protectively surrounding the fourth. The man in the center clutching his pocket, keeping something secret… something safe…

(Thank you, Professor Tolkien… we love you!)




     Traveling far and away was never a problem for the Chronicler, his joys most known when experiencing new things. This town called Taylor, though… Being a man of obvious wealth and taste, it seemed only fitting to sup and dine in the tavern. Taylor is unlike any place he has experienced before. He is a chronicler of merit, one of name and story. Here, there are so many tales to tell that he has decided to stay an entire weekend at the local inn… and the food smells great! Roast pheasant with sage, leeks in a stew of cabbage and lamb… grilled hare with onions in honey… and meade...
(Our hat's tipped to Patrick Rothfuss here)




     An ‘Adventurer’ is passing through the Town of Taylor. Is she a gambler? Is she a patron? She is a mystery, and as she steps from the doors of the clothier, making her way past the carts of freshly roasted meats, she asks for direction to the Belladonna Inn. She has a room there tonight, and is told that the chef is cooking honey braised pork, with parsnips and dense rye bread slathered with butter. She thanks the merchant, and can already taste sweet cider on her lips...




     Standing over the gigantic pot of stew, he takes a long draw in through his nose. The carrots and parsnips blend perfectly with the thick cubes of lean lamb. The chef is happy with today’s two menu choices, he notes to himself, as he makes his way over to the hearth. There, on a spit, the kitchen boy is rotating the iron of roasting beer-bread stuffed hens. The juices and oils dripping into the catch pan, while a few drops that miss sizzle and hiss when hitting the fire.

     “Good job, Samuel… Keep on turning, and you’ll get the first plate.”

He gives the kid a nudge on the shoulder with his girth, and decides to make his presence seen in the front of the house… The Belladonna Inn is packed today, just as he likes it...


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